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Updated: May 30, 2021

This is where you can see which stories/characters currently hold a ribbon.

Last Updated: 5/30/21 (just after episode 10).

Episode 8- A Snow White Delight, part 1, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The evil queen who tried multiple times to kill her seven year old step daughter either through someone else or her own hand.

Episode 5- Two Genies, One Scrub, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp: The intentionally lazy fuck who refused to get a job to help his parents since they were getting old and struggling to support the family on their own. His unwillingness to help prompts his father to die from depression. Later on, he uses genies to torment the princess and her, at the time, husband until they get a divorce.

Episode 1- How the Frog Do, part 1, The Frog Princes: Faithful Henry because it literally rhymes a word with the same word.

Episode 4- Thumby Thick, part 2, Ivan the Peasant's Son and the Thumb Sized Man: Wherein someone spends 11 years doing something stupid that did not need to take that long. The characters are obsessed with horses, can just change themselves into cats or pins because I GUESS, and the poor princess is used as a bargaining chip THREE GODDAMNED TIMES.

Episode 8- A Snow White Delight, part 1, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: It was dumb AF, but WOW it was a fun read. I can't really describe it well, but listen to the episode and just know that I was enjoying the hell out of it.

Episode 3- Same Same but Different, parts 2, Tom Thumb's Travels: The entire segment where Tom robs the entire kingdom of all it's money, nobody does anything to stop him, and he air-surfs out of the tower on a dollar bill.

This is the only ribbon to have multiple holders (any story that gets a (5/5) rating. You can see the list here as it develops: https://www.fairytalesfablesandfails.com/post/purple-gnome-winners



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